VIP Party Standards


These rules are mandatory for admission to the VIP Party and your admission to the upcoming events is based off of these standards and how I and other guests perceive you.


  1. Contribution Rule: Every guest must bring something positive to the party, This can come in many different forms. Lightshows, Attractiveness, Having a Unique, Energetic and entertaining personality. (See list of “Desirable guest qualities”)


  1. Introduction Rule: If you want to bring guests because you think they would be a good addition to the party you need to inform me who they are and give me their FB so I can approve them. You are personally held responsible for the quality of the guests you invite to the party and ensuring they comply with these standards. If your guest gets removed from the party, you are going with them. Guests of VIP Party guests are not allowed to invite people to a VIP Party. 


  1. Participation Rule: You are expected to go with the flow of energy at the party. *This does NOT carry a sexual connotation*. Being a boring guest that sits in the corner is unacceptable.


  1. Appearance Rule: You must be well dressed in Rave or Slutty rave attire. Costumes are also acceptable, the less clothing the better. Personal hygiene and grooming are also very important. Girls who are comfortable wearing pasties are encouraged to do so. If you forget to bring pasties, I have a selection of duck-tape in different colors and patterns that you are welcome to use. Full nudity is also acceptable, It just limits the amount of photos I can post publicly on FB.


  1. Gender Ratio Rule: Single guys MUST bring at minimum of two girls (who need to be approved by me personally and can not be girls who are already coming to the party and are in the VIP group) in order to keep a healthy M/F ratio. Guys who are part of a couple do not fall under this category. Exceptions will be made for the highly skilled creators in various fields that have contributed significantly to building our world.


  1. Creeper Rule: Unwanted sexual advances towards the female guests will not be tolerated. It is your responsibility to correctly perceive what is wanted or unwanted. You are expected to ask for for verbal consent in this space. It is very important to me that all girls feel comfortable in my house and infractions will be dealt with immediately. Girls are expected to report ALL unwanted behavior. It is not acceptable to just allow it to happen. If you do not help correct the problem it will continue to happen to others.


  1. Conduct Rule: Guests will not exhibit undesirable behavior such as Jealousy, Negativity, Dishonesty, Drama, and Aggression etc.


  1. Intoxicated Driving Rule: Be a responsible human being and make provisions for your transportation. If you cannot, you are expected to remain sober or stay at my house. There are 14 Beds available and they will be issued in the order they are requested. Let me know before hand if you are planning on staying to reserve a bed.


  1. Over-Intoxication Rule: Do NOT get so intoxicated that someone has to babysit you. Sloppiness is unattractive, so hold your shit together. You are held responsible for replacing anything you break. I also reserve the right to restrain you and subject you to mild torture if I decide you are overly intoxicated and annoying party guests.


  1. Debauchery Rule: You are not expected to participate in the rampant sexual sin that’s going down all around you, but you have to be comfortable with it… There will be nakedness and sex… it will be okay…


  1. Smoking Rule: This is a Non-smoking party because we hate the smell of cigarettes… If you’re stupid enough to be addicted to cigarettes then make sure you bring an electronic cigarette or some nicotine patches/gum… or edibles if you can’t spend 2 minutes away from Mary Jane… Do not leave the party to go smoke down the street or in your car, you will not be let back in.


  1. Outside Rule: No one should be outside for any reason without my direct permission… Once you enter the party you must remain inside until you are ready to leave… This is very important to keep from having the police called on the party… I’m not going to tell you twice…


  1. Photography Rule: We are going to take pictures/video at the party and we are going to post them on FB… If you have any restrictions on what you want posted its your responsibly to tell me. If you don’t want any pictures posted make sure you stay out of the photos. I will use my best judgment to not post any pictures that I think you wouldn’t want me to put up… And I will remove any of them that you don’t like ASAP.


  1. Enforcement Rule: You are expected to assist in ensuring that other guests maintain the VIP Party Standards or at minimum report infractions to me so I can deal with it promptly. Guests who have been asked to leave politely and refuse or are trying to enter the party when I have specifically denied them entry will be forced off of the premises via bear mace and/or 10 million volt stun gun.


  1. Rules Rule: No complaining about the rules. They are non-negotiable. If you break them, you’re not coming back


  1. Media Confidentiality: The explicit pictures and video posted in this group are for VIP group members only. You do not have the right to share posted media with others. Any leak of media that has a negative effect on another VIP Party member will be punishable by termination.17. Leave No Trace: Guests are expected to clean up after themselves and contribute to restoring this space to its original condition during and after the party… If you see something that’s dirty or not in its place you are expected to fix it without being asked… Guests who do not contribute in this way will be replaced by ones that do. Throw your trash away, Do your dishes, keep your belongings organized and out of the way, Put your bed away before you leave.


Ostracon: Periodically I will request that all members privately message me the names of people they think should be ostracized and infractions they are guilty of. VIP party members can message me directly after a party with their input on people as well or tell me in person at the party.


Induction into the VIP Party group: The group is kept private with the specific intent to regulate the quality of people allowed at the party. A lot of issues are caused by allowing low or unknown quality people into a social gathering. Ideally I would judge if a person would be a positive contribution to the party based off of direct social interaction. Unfortunately that significantly restricts the amount of people I can screen as possible guests. So the secondary means is to reference multiple trusted common friends about a person’s social proof. In addition the review of a person’s Facebook over an extended period of time and who they associate themselves with is another deciding factor. If you are interested you can contact me but you need to have ample evidence of why you would be a positive addition to the party or be prepared for me to be brutally honest. Generally I will contact someone eventually if I am impressed or keep hearing good things about that person. VIP Party guests also have the ability to invite people. Asking one of them to invite you and vouch for your legitimacy is also an option but remember you are asking them to risk their affiliation by bringing you. 


Desirable Guest Qualities: Loves EDM, Bass and Rave culture, Friendly outgoing personality, Enjoys making other people happy, Attractive, Good hygiene, In shape, Has Rave style, Likes to play sexy dress-up, Tolerant, Open minded, comfortable and open with sexuality, Gloving, Orbiting, LED Hula-hoop, Poi, Likes to dance like no one is looking, Stripper pole skills, Desires freedom of self-expression. Wears kandi, Unique and interesting personality, Girls who are bi-sexual, Guys who can bring quality females to the party and enjoy being around half naked raver girls without being a creep.

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