An information database of how to improve yourself and the world around you.

Our current education system, parenting practices and cultural focus on time-wasting activities instead of self-improvement have left huge gaps of essential knowledge in the average person. The goal of this project is to provide the necessary life skills and knowledge to help people reach their full potential. With the hope that this collection of material will cultivate more well-rounded and capable people who will contribute to making the world a better place.

The first part of this solution is to present the information in a central location and to refine it to an easily digestible version for the short attention span of the modern human. Then place the information on social media via my pre-existing platform so that it is easily viewable by people on a daily basis. The second part is to try and shift our culture to one of learning so people actually seek out the information. I plan to do this by making self-improvement socially important in the EDM party scene which people are already naturally drawn to.

In addition to imparting all of the things that I have learned that have led me down the path of ultimate happiness I plan to fully outline in detail how to recreate this magical world of love and lights for you and your friends to enjoy. I believe that with holding art and knowledge that can improve the lives of others for monetary gain or the need for recognition is fundamentally wrong. And doing so stifles human progress. Everything I have created I have made out of love for all of you. I want you to take the things I have done and use them in whatever way you would like. Replicate, change, improve and share.