Master/slave Contract



1.1 Binding Agreement

This document, dated 07/29/2013 (herein known as the “start date”), is a continuous contract of voluntary slavery, without time restraints, between Master Nick Abarca and Slave Arielle Zippi here in referred to as, “slave”, “sex slave”, “pain slut”, “whore”, “fuck toy”, “cum receptacle”.
The agreement consists of 6 main clauses with numerous sub-clauses within them and supersedes any previous contract or agreement.

Slave, through signing this contract, is binding itself totally and completely, without limit (except as explicitly defined below), irrevocably to servitude to Master. Slave relinquishes all legal and cultural (and both explicit and presumed) rights, privileges, prerogatives and status to Master to become His property as a slave for Him to own and use as He sees fit.

1.2 Term

This contract is binding for an indefinite number of years, or until the slaves service is no longer needed, from the start date on the _____ day of _____, _____ (herein known as the “term of the contract”).

2.1 slave’s Affirmation

Slave affirms that it is signing this contract of its own free will without pressure or coercion of any kind, that it is of sound mind and body and is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Slave further affirms that it fully understands the meaning and implications of this contract and explicitly requests it be enforced in full, and at all times, as defined below for the duration of the contract, in this an indefinite amount of time. Slave also understands the slavery is inescapable, no way out, without choices or decisions from the start date until His master decides, slave is no longer needed.

Slave understands that it will be used for sex as a sex slave, as a chauffeur, as a housemaid with domestic chores and duties and also as a pain slave for bondage and punishment sessions that will be real, inescapable, unstoppable and very painful.
2.2 Interference

Slave understands that no third party group, individual, organization or body interfere in any way to prevent slave from fulfilling its obligations of servitude and obedience to Master as defined in this contract and for the full term of the contract.

3.1 Slave’s Responsibilities

3.1.1 Slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Master sexually in any way He requires.
3.1.2 Slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Master as a housemaid performing any and all household duties including, but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, washing, laundry and generally maintaining Master’s home.
3.1.3 Slave will willingly accept any punishment from Master and for whatever reason, including purely for Master’s pleasure as a pain slave, but within the limits defined in section 4 below. Punishment may take any form Master deems fit including, but not limited to, corporal punishment, bondage, removal of privileges.


3.1.4 Slave will willingly, freely, without hesitation and to the best of its ability immediately obey any order, or perform any action, demanded by Master.
3.1.5 Slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability obey all rules set out for it by Master and live by them whether or not it is in Master’s presence. Rules for slave can be changed at any time by Master and apply immediately as Master issues them.
3.1.6 Slave will willingly, freely, without hesitation and to the best of its ability submit to any training, and any training methods, Master wishes to use or apply to it to better serve Him to meet His needs.
3.1.7 Slave will always be completely honest and truthful and never lie to Master or omit to mention all facts, actions or inaction’s, or any breaches of the rules and responsibilities inherent upon it through this contract and associated rules of slavery document.
3.1.8 Slave will never make any excuses for any failures or any of its actions, inactions or any breaches of this contract or the associated rules of slavery document.
3.1.9 Slave will show Master the utmost respect at all times and never cause Him any embarrassment. This includes in any discussions, actions or activities with third parties and applies whether Master is present or not.
3.1.10 Slave will always endeavour to improve itself physically and mentally to better serve Master.
3.1.11 Slave will always be available to serve Master when required except by prior agreement with Master or for work or family emergencies. Following any emergency that prevents slave from serving Master then slave will, at Master’s convenience, present itself for any punishment deemed necessary.


3.1.12 Master has the right to define rules for any period of time up to the term of the contract.
3.2 Slave’s Veto

3.2.1 Slave has no veto over any actions Master wishes


3.2.2 Slave has no “safe word” to use to stop any action or punishment.
3.2.3 Slave has no right to veto publication of any information, stories or pictures about its slavery and service to Master


3.3 Slave’s Possessions and Finances

3.3.1Master has the right to make full and unlimited use of all slave’s material goods, possessions and any other assets as His own and do so whether slave is present or not.


3.3.2 Master has the right to require His slave to acquire any new, or dispose of any existing, material goods, possessions or assets as He sees fit.


3.3.3 Slave will maintain an independent bank account and retain full responsibility for its finances. Master has the right to inspect, at any time, any and all of slave’s financial records to ensure slave is being financially responsible.
3.3.4 Master has the right to set financial rules for slave to live by which may include severe limits on spending.
3.3.5 Master has the right to make slave pay for any goods and services it uses while serving Him, or equivalent value goods and services to ensure it is not a financial burden on Him.
3.3.6 Master has the right to make use of slave for His own financial gain in any way that is not unsafe or illegal and does not breach the limits defined in section 4.
3.4 Master’s Responsibilities

3.4.1 Master accepts that slave is a valuable possession and as such Master will take care of slave and keep it safe at all times.
3.4.2 Master will not instruct slave to perform any unsafe or illegal acts or anything that is listed in the limits defined in section 4.
3.4.3 Master will Listen to any and all requests from slave and do his best to grant them if they don’t interfere with masters wishes.

3.5 Third Parties

3.5.1 Without the express permission of Master, Slave may have no other Master, partner (sexual or otherwise) or submit to any other person. Others may benefit from slaves actions but will not be “in charge” of slave at any time. No other man will have any authority over the slave, only Master.
3.5.2 Master is free to have other slaves, partners or relationships of any kind and will always keep slave informed on the status of his other relationships.
3.5.3 Master may expect slave to serve in public or private, alone or in front of others.
3.5.4 Master will not instruct slave to serve another man or men, slave will not transfer any of its rights and responsibilities of this contract and in the related rules of slavery document to that man, or men, for any period of time up to the term of the contract. Slave may, at the discretion of Master, be a servant to any and all visitors to His home, serving drinks and/or food to guests in His presence. Master may, or may not, be present while slave serves third parties but remains ultimately responsible for ensuring this agreement is adhered to by those parties.

3.6 Disagreement

3.6.1 If there is any disagreement between Master and slave on the term of the contract or any of the clauses or limits within the contract then in all circumstances Master’s decision is final.
3.6.2 Alterations to the contract must be agreed with Master and slave and an amended contract with the agreed change must be signed. The term of the contract will not change as a result of any amendment unless agreed by Master and slave.

4.1 Bodily Harm

4.1.1 Master will not submit slave to any actions that would result in permanent bodily harm. This includes permanent marks on the skin and burns.

4.2 Unsafe or Illegal Acts

4.2.1 Master will not submit slave to any unsafe acts, sexual or otherwise, and will seek permission before including blood, needles, tasers, knives or other weapons in sexual play. This does not limit any oral or anal use, unprotected sex, urethral sounds and catheters, ass to mouth, drinking Master’s piss or use of an E-stem.
4.2.2 Master will not submit slave to any illegal acts, sexual or otherwise, including public nudity/indecent exposure and no acts with children or animals.
4.2.3 Master and slave are both aware of any pertinent Sexual health Issues.
4.3 Work Friends and Family

4.3.1. Master will not submit slave to any actions that may result in it losing its job.
4.3.2 Master has the right to restrict time spent with others if he thinks they are a bad influence or they distract the slave from being productive.


5.1 Breach

5.1.1 Master has the right to punish slave for any breach of contract.


5.2 Termination

5.2.1 Master has the right to terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract.
5.2.2 slave has absolutely no right to terminate the contract for any reason

I hereby agree to be bound by the clauses and limits of this contract of voluntary slavery for the agreed term of the contract between the two parties identified as Master and slave below.

Master: Nick Abarca (SIGNATURE)__________________________________

Date: ___ / _______ / ________

slave: Arielle Zippi


Date: ___ / _______ / ________


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