SOE: Utopia

The goal of SOE: Utopia is to build a permanent space for our rave family, where we can continuously create art together and improve our world. It will be designed to be more like a social club than a standard event venue. Members will be held to the ethical standards of PLURR inside and out of the venue (Including social media). Tracking negative behavior and holding people accountable for their actions is a major step towards creating an environment where people naturally treat each other with respect.

There will be an emphasis placed on initiating new social connections by creating an interactive environment and having community building activities. Learning to enjoy experiences without intoxicants and responsible use of intoxicants will be encouraged. Learning will be infused into the experience via workshops and informational posters and art. Highlighting various subjects like communal responsibility, environmental consciousness, communication, massage and open source creativity etc.

SOE: Utopia will be broken up into multiple themed areas with a central hub that will provide water, fresh fruit juice, healthy snacks, and basically anything that a person would need while at a party. The goal is to build everything to be modular and multipurpose, so that when people are done partying the areas can be quickly converted to sleeping areas. Members will be allowed to stay in the venue overnight for an extra fee. There will also be tent and trailer camping available onsite.