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The “Sensory Overload Chamber” provides an enclosed all-inclusive music listening experience that allows you too truly see and feel the music. All of your senses will be bombarded, giving you an intense feeling of pleasure and detaching you from reality while being completely sober. Made with high quality materials and construction, its features include an integrated flat screen computer and media server, a heavy bass sound system and two feet of insulation surrounding the inner chamber to reduce noise pollution. It has a full lighting system; lasers, smoke machine, strobe lights, sound active wash lights, plasma discs, infinity mirror and black lights. Interior dimensions are 7’x3’ with a 6” memory foam mattress. It can fit 8 people seated or 2-3 people lying down.

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We are still a ways out from being able to offer them commercially as of now. First we need to finish the Mobile SOC which will be used as a demonstration model and a template for mass production. Due to massive amount of man hours and money needed to build a SOC, They will be made as ordered up to 4 at a time with customizable options. Construction time is about 3-6 months. Price is still being determined but it will be no less than $25,000. If you are interested, send an email to Sensoryoverloadempire@gmail.com for more information. The SOC can be broken down into modular sections for transportation and installation into areas with narrow access.

Shipping and installation costs are not included and are still to be determined.

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The mobile SOC is permanently mounted to a 16’ trailer with a VIP seating/waiting area which includes a detachable stripper pole platform and access ramps. It can be powered by a standard 110AC plug or its onboard generator. It will be available to rent for events and private use.