SOE : Utopia Donation page

100% of the funds you donate will go to buying the materials and equipment needed to build our rave world (SOE:Utopia). I have already maxed out a $15,000 credit card buying the needed materials for Utopia and the Sensory Overload Chamber and can’t over extend myself financially anymore to continue building.  I have no problem spending all of my free time and money creating these experiences for everyone, but I will only accomplish a fraction of what I could have without your support. So, if you enjoy the style of social interaction we create whether that be community oriented EDM events that we put hundreds of hours into producing, our naughty raver social media group (PLURVERTS), interactive art (Sensory Overload Chamber) or just wish to see the ethical concepts we stand for (responsible intoxicant use, infusing learning into EDM culture and the preservation of PLURR) proliferated further into the main stream please help us by donating.