“Sensory Overload Empire” was created to design and engeneer the perfect experience. And to be able to extend that experience to other people, so we could enjoy it together. We wanted to create our own reality of love and lights so we could escape from the inferior world that was created for us by other humans. Over time it has evolved into an organization made up of all the people who share this vision for the future.  Together we create and build with our collective consciousness.  The name gives us something to contribute to that is bigger then ourselfs, a direction to follow, a chance to be the masters of our own destiny.

SOE LOGO Brushed SMALL 250

To help improve the lives of others and make the world a better place. This is accomplished by positively influencing the minds of the people I have the opportunity to affect. I plan to do this by creating a social movement that gives the needed exposure to connect like-minded people and deliver the information they need for self-improvement.

Teaching people to achieve their full potential in life so they can be an effective force for positive change is very complex, and it must be done in many different forms and at different levels of maturity. It literally takes years to convey the proper information and to gain the necessary life experience to apply it.

The desire to party is very deep routed in our nature because of our motivations for friendship, love and pleasure.  By placing an emphasis on ethics, learning, healthy lifestyle, consciousness etc. in the party scene it will naturally draw people towards those paths as it becomes the cultural norm to pursue those things.

After years of positive influence my hopes are that our culture will eventually be turning out the kind of people needed to guild the future of the world in the right direction. And that those people who have found themselves and are living happy and healthy life’s will be in turn teaching others how to do the same. And have an exponential ripple effect of positive energy carried on by what is good in human kind. And that someday we will evolve to a world which maximizes happiness and potential, and minimizes suffering for all.

The plan to create the physical version of this world of love and lights starts out by obtaining knowledge. Researching and implementing new concepts that could improve our world. We will produce various forms of art (Videography, Photography, Sensory overload chamber, Open source Information, Raver porn, Events) that will bring support to our objectives and create a beacon to attract like-minded people. It is important to build a large social network to help obtain the necessary financial and human resources needed to maximize the effectiveness of this project. We will utilize this social network to monetize portions of the project (Sensory overload Chamber, Raver Porn, Merchandise) to bring the needed revenue to build SOE: Utopia. I plan to use social engineering to create a desirable local culture that will entice like-minded people to move their lives to our area to be a part of what we are creating. After we have established SOE: Utopia we will continue logging our developments on the “Open Source Information” project, to be utilized by others to create what we have created in other areas and to provide assistance to those looking to do so.